Vadim Antonov

Do not waste your time reading any further, if you're only interested in my professional side.
Check Pluris Inc Home Page and Rosetta Papers.

Hi, since you kept reading I assume you wanted to know something about me, right? Ok, then: No, No, No, Not participated, Yes, since 1975, Wasn't, None, None.

If you didn't get it you're an American, sorry.

So, if you're interested in numbers, here you are: I'm 32 (yuck), 6'3" (are the airlines in conspiracy against me?), 170 lbs. Personality type is in between INTP and ISTP, temperament nordic. IQ is higher than yours (thank you for asking). My current habitat is sunny California, Belmont (SF Bay Area).

The bad photo you see here is by Peter Lothberg, who's much better at growing tomatoes (but you'll have to go to Sweden, to my knowledge he doesn't export them). If you want more of his worst, check Rumors notwithstanding, better photographs of yours truly do exist.

Well, if by chance you don't know who am I, I'll tell you: first of all, I'm a hacker, partially a hoax a card-carrying alien resident, Sean's lunatic ex-colleague, a lieutenant of armed forces of the non-existent country and many other things, including simply myself. I sure spend not less than a half of my life in pursuits of electric dreams (when I don't have to do the job). I mostly hack Unix and very aptly named Plan 9 ("Plan 9 is raising of the dead!") nowadays. Still beats Messy-Loss or MacIntrash.

If you want to learn more about my professional life, you're welcome to read about it in bureaucratese.

My nationality is Russian; by allegiance I'm a citizen of the People's Anarchy Of The Internet. As you could already guess my political views are pretty much libertarian, to the point of extremely cynical anarchism. What did you expect from a person who lived under three polical systems, became well-adjusted in every one of them and didn't like any one, anyway?

Oh, well. If you want to take a look at the trinklets I decided to placed below, you're welcome. There are also references to my papers available in electronic form. If you're interested in what i hack in my copious spare time, check some of my projects.

And, by the way, thanks for coming here.


Some my toys which you may find amusing or useful:
Here are files with texts of some my papers (the complete list of publications is also available):

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